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Cómo crear nombres de marca, ideas creativas y todo lo que se me viene a la mente. ¡El hombre y sus circunstancias!

Ni celeste ni rosa

Si tuviese una juguetería le pondría de nombre "neinor", inspirado en "neither pink nor blue ToyStore". Si alguien justo está pensando en una idea como esta y necesita un nombre y un concepto, aquí dejo lo que se me ocurrió.

Neinor is a on line concept which gathers independents and different brands of toys, and we have just one rule, the toys published in our website can’t be pink nor blue.

We consider Neinor as the evolution of the ToyStore. Neinor, which means ‘neither pink nor blue’, is the way we understand our current society, it is a virtual Toy Store where you can choose a toy based on what the kid like most, independently of the gender or the serotypes of the colours pink and blue. We don’t have pink Bakery Play Set, or blue Tool Kit Builders.

Neinor encourage family business, freelance carpenters and any person who builds toys, to sell them on our website, and, at the same time, we stand up for a world with less stereotypes.